Turkey Tour

Turkey Tour

 Church of St. John the plan length, with a cross, 130 m, and confronted by a lobby, an atrium in the West. The church itself, the nave of turkey tour in the morning in the apse is the grave of three naves. Dome of the church and six two-story gray-blue core columns by the column, which is surrounded along the length of the nave is supported. Monograms of Emperor Justinian and the bottom of the columns as the main cities of the Empress Theodora. under a narrow staircase there is a narrow horizontal window that leads from the apse of the crypt is. The medieval legend of a product vapor from the window of a place of pilgrimage that turned into a church issued claims. Mosaic of the crypt was restored later.

10 north of the crypt century, is small, wooden chapel roof. of saints on the right and left, flanked by St. John himself is still a well-preserved turkey tour frescoes, which the figure of Jesus, like a pond can be seen in the apse. Immediately clergical treasure house, an octagonal, two-story building at the edge of the church.

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